Be merciful … retire this word

If everything is described as iconic, it can’t be.

Since I checked my email upon waking this morning, I’ve seen the word “iconic” approximately 4,228 times. It appears ad nauseam in emails, ads, news articles, blogs, YouTube videos—I even saw a trash collector paint it on a dumpster.

People, if everything is described as iconic, it can’t be. The word has lost all contextual meaning.

I’m imploring writers in any cultural variation to stop using “iconic” as their immediate descriptor for anything that has achieved the slightest level of familiarity. Expand your vocabularies; or better yet, stop deifying celebrities.

While you’re at it, please shelve “game-changer,” “these uncertain times,” “amazing,” and “epic.”

That is all.

Author: R.B.

I draw, listen, see, and read ... a lot!

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