Three Colours Beautiful: The Astonishing Early Colour Photography of Bernard F. Eilers

By Paul Gallagher @ Flashbak Bernard F. Eilers (1878-1951) had his own photographic business in Amsterdam, Holland. During the 1930s, business was poor. No-one wanted to hire a photographer or have a studio portrait taken. This lull in business caused by the Great Depression allowed Eilers to concentrate on developing a new process of colour […]

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Jessica Eaton’s Beautiful Photography Is a Little Hard To Explain

By David Rosenberg, Slate If a picture is worth a thousand words, Jessica Eaton’s current work Polytopes cover a lot of territory with only 25. On display at M+B in Los Angeles until Dec. 22, 2012, the press release for Polytopesstates that Eaton “incorporates experimental analogue-based photographic techniques including color separation filtration, additive color theory, multiple exposures, motion blur, in-camera masking, cross polarization […]