Arizona’s Apache Trail

After visiting the Superstition Mountain Museum, my cousin and I headed further up the winding Highway 88 to the Canyon Lake Vista in Tonto National Forest. These are some shots of the lake itself,  as well as some scenery along the way. The sun was in a perfect position to enhance these rocky textures. I hope you […]

Hunter Mantor

In tandem with the family shoot in October 2015, we also got in some images for older son Hunter’s upcoming graduation.

Mantor Family

This was a fun photo shoot with the Mantor family in Frankfort, Kentucky, USA, took place in October 2015.

Socially Aligned founder Julie Lowe

Below are some shots I made with my dear friend Julie Lowe, the founder of Socially Aligned, a company that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the use of social media. In revising her brand, Julie wanted to express a warm yet seasonal approach to the southern hospitality theme.

Spring Color



This little guy was slated to be euthanized, until my father decided otherwise and adopted him.


Following a spring shower …

NYC in B/W

This series was shot in July 2015.

Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

This small series was photographed at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Carlisle, Kentucky, United States.

Superstition Mountain Museum

My cousin and I took a little tour of the 12-acre Superstition Mountain Museum back in October of 2016 to photograph some of what’s there.