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Ahmad Jamal Jamal At The Penthouse 1959
Ahmad Jamal Happy Moods 1960
Ahmad Jamal All Of You 1961
Ahmad Jamal Standard Eyes 1961
Al Cohn, John Coltrane, Hank Mobley, Zoot Sims Tenor Conclave 1957
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Al Di Meola Elegant Gypsy 1977
Al Di Meola Casino 1978
Al Di Meola Splendido Hotel 1980
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Al Di Meola Tour De Force – ‘Live’ 1982
Al Di Meola Scenario 1983
Al Di Meola Cielo E Terra 1985
Al Di Meola Soaring Through A Dream 1985
Al Di Meola Tirami Su 1987
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Al Di Meola Kiss My Axe 1991
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Al Di Meola Anthology 2000
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Al Di Meola Diabolic Inventions And Seduction For Solo Guitar Volume 1: Music Of Ástor Piazzolla 2006
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Alexander Zonjic Passion 1993
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Andrew Hill Grass Roots 1968
Andrew Hill Blue Black 1975
Andrew Hill Spiral 1975
Andrew Hill Nefertiti 1976
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Andrew Hill Time Lines 2006
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Avishai Cohen Adama 1998
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Avishai Cohen Continuo 2006
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Avishai Cohen Gently Disturbed 2008
Avishai Cohen Shaot Regishot (Sensitive Hours) 2008
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Avishai Cohen Seven Seas 2011
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Dance Of Fire 1995
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Béla Fleck Drive 1988
Béla Fleck Places 1988
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Béla Fleck & The Flecktones UFO Tofu 1992
Béla Fleck & The Flecktones Three Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest 1993
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Béla Fleck & The Flecktones Left Of Cool 1998
Béla Fleck & The Flecktones Outbound 2000
Béla Fleck & The Flecktones Live at the Quick 2002
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Béla Fleck & The Flecktones The Hidden Land 2006
Béla Fleck & The Flecktones Rocket Science 2011
Benny Carter, Dizzy Gillespie Carter, Gillespie, Inc. 1976
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Benny Golson In Paris 1987
Benny Golson Benny Golson Quartet 1990
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 1994
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Whatchu’ Want For Christmas? 1997
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Americana Deluxe 1998
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy This Beautiful Life 1999
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Save My Soul 2003
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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy How Big Can You Get? – The Music Of Cab Calloway 2009
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Rattle Them Bones 2012
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Bill Evans Portrait In Jazz 1960
Bill Evans Explorations 1961
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Bill Evans Interplay 1962
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Bill Evans Conversations With Myself 1963
Bill Evans Plays the Theme From The V.I.P.s and Other Great Songs 1963
Bill Evans How My Heart Sings! 1964
Bill Evans Trio 64 1964
Bill Evans Trio 65 1965
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Bill Evans Bill Evans Trio With Symphony Orchestra 1966
Bill Evans A Simple Matter Of Conviction 1966
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Bill Evans Alone 1968
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Bill Evans Quiet Now 1970
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Bill Evans From Left To Right 1971
Bill Evans Symbiosis 1974
Bill Evans The Tokyo Concert 1974
Bill Evans Intuition 1975
Bill Evans Montreux III 1975
Bill Evans On Green Dolphin Street 1975
Bill Evans Since We Met 1976
Bill Evans Alone (Again) 1977
Bill Evans Quintessence 1977
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Bill Evans New Conversations 1978
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Bill Evans We Will Meet Again 1979
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Bill Evans, Jim Hall Intermodulation 1966
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Brad Mehldau, Pat Metheny Quartet 2007
Branford Marsalis Trio Jeepy 1989
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Branford Marsalis Footsteps of Our Fathers 2002
Branford Marsalis Eternal 2004
Branford Marsalis Braggtown 2006
Branford Marsalis Metamorphosen 2010
Bud Powell Piano Solos [10″ LP] 1950
Bud Powell Piano Solos #2 [10″ LP] 1950
Bud Powell Bud Powell Trio [10″ LP] 1951
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Cannonball Adderley Somethin’ Else 1958
Cannonball Adderley Cannonball Takes Charge 1959
Cannonball Adderley Quintet In San Francisco 1959
Cannonball Adderley Them Dirty Blues 1960
Cannonball Adderley What Is This Thing Called Soul? 1960
Cannonball Adderley Cannonball Adderley And The Poll Winners 1961
Cannonball Adderley Quintet Plus 1961
Cannonball Adderley The Cannonball Adderley Sextet In New York 1962
Cannonball Adderley Cannonball In Europe! 1962
Cannonball Adderley Jazz Workshop Revisited 1962
Cannonball Adderley Nippon Soul 1963
Cannonball Adderley Cannonball Adderley’s Fiddler On The Roof 1964
Cannonball Adderley Domination 1965
Cannonball Adderley Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live At “The Club” 1966
Cannonball Adderley Radio Nights 1967
Cannonball Adderley Accent On Africa 1968
Cannonball Adderley In Person 1970
Cannonball Adderley Inside Straight 1973
Cannonball Adderley Money In The Pocket 2005
Cannonball Adderley Spontaneous Combustion 2006
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Cecil Taylor Hard Driving Jazz 1959
Charles Lloyd Rabo De Nube 2008
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Charles Mingus Oh Yeah 1962
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Charles Mingus Changes Two 1974
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Chris Botti To Love Again 2005
Chris Botti Italia 2007
Christian McBride, Pat Metheny, Antonio Sanchez Day Trip 2008
Christian McBride, Pat Metheny, Antonio Sanchez Tokyo Day Trip [EP] 2008
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Circle Paris Concert 1971
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Diana Krall Live In Paris 2002
Diana Krall The Girl In The Other Room 2004
Diana Krall From This Moment On 2006
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Diana Krall Quiet Nights 2009
Diana Krall Glad Rag Doll 2012
Diana Krall Wallflower 2015
Diane Schuur Some Other Time 2008
Dianne Reeves I Remember 1991
Dianne Reeves When You Know 2008
Dizzy Gillespie School Days 1952
Dizzy Gillespie Horn Of Plenty 1953
Dizzy Gillespie Pleyel 53 1953
Dizzy Gillespie Afro 1954
Dizzy Gillespie Groovin’ High 1955
Dizzy Gillespie The Champ 1956
Dizzy Gillespie World Statesman 1956
Dizzy Gillespie At Newport 1957
Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy In Greece 1957
Dizzy Gillespie Sittin’ In 1957
Dizzy Gillespie Duets 1958
Dizzy Gillespie Have Trumpet, Will Excite! 1959
Dizzy Gillespie Gillespiana 1960
Dizzy Gillespie An Electrifying Evening With The Dizzy Gillespie Quintet 1961
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Dizzy Gillespie Perceptions 1961
Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy On The French Riviera 1962
Dizzy Gillespie New Wave! 1962
Dizzy Gillespie Something Old, Something New 1963
Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Goes Hollywood 1964
Dizzy Gillespie The Best Of The Dizzy Gillespie Small Groups 1965
Dizzy Gillespie Jambo Caribe 1965
Dizzy Gillespie Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac 1967
Dizzy Gillespie It’s My Way 1969
Dizzy Gillespie Live In Berlin 1969
Dizzy Gillespie Soul And Salavtion 1969
Dizzy Gillespie Cornucopia 1970
Dizzy Gillespie The Giant 1973
Dizzy Gillespie A Musical Safari 1974
Dizzy Gillespie The Bop Session 1975
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Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Gillespie’s Big 4 1975
Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy’s Party 1977
Dizzy Gillespie Free Ride 1977
Dizzy Gillespie Montreaux ’77 1977
Dizzy Gillespie Digital At Montreaux 1980
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Dizzy Gillespie En Vivo En El V° Festival Latino Jazz Plaza 1985
Dizzy Gillespie Lady Be Good 1989
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Dizzy Gillespie To Bird With Love 1992
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Dizzy Gillespie Ohh-Shoo-Be-Doo-Bee 2001
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Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan Body And Soul 1993
Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt Sonny Side Up 1957
Dizzy Gillespie, Stuff Smith Dizzy Gillespie And Stuff Smith 1957
Dizzy Gillespie, Trio Mocotó No Brasil Com Trio Mocotó 2010
Dizzy Gillespie, United Nation Orchestra Live At The Royal Festival Hall 1990
Django Reinhardt With Stephane Grappelli & The Quintet Hot Club 2009
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Don Cherry, John Coltrane The Avant-Garde 1966
Don Cherry, Willie Nelson Augusta 1995
Don Cherry, Willie Nelson It’s Magic 2012
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Don Ellis How Time Passes 1960
Don Ellis New Ideas 1961
Don Ellis Out Of Nowhere 1961
Don Ellis Essence 1962
Don Ellis ‘Live’ At Monterey! 1966
Don Ellis Live In 3/4 Time 1967
Don Ellis Autumn 1968
Don Ellis Electric Bath 1968
Don Ellis Shock Treatment 1968
Don Ellis Haiku 1973
Don Ellis Pieces Of Eight – Live At UCLA 2005
Donald Byrd Byrd’s Word 1956
Donald Byrd Byrd In Hand 1959
Donald Byrd Off To The Races 1959
Donald Byrd Byrd In Flight 1960
Donald Byrd Free Form 1961
Donald Byrd Royal Flush 1961
Donald Byrd The Cat Walk 1962
Donald Byrd A New Perspective 1963
Donald Byrd Up With Donald Byrd 1964
Donald Byrd Mustang! 1966
Donald Byrd Blackjack 1967
Donald Byrd Fancy Free 1969
Donald Byrd Electric Byrd 1970
Donald Byrd Ethiopian Knights 1971
Donald Byrd Black Byrd 1973
Donald Byrd Street Lady 1973
Donald Byrd Stepping Into Tomorrow 1974
Donald Byrd Places And Spaces 1975
Donald Byrd Thank You … For F.U.M.L. (Funking Up My Life) 1978
Donald Byrd Donald Byrd And 125th Street, N.Y.C. 1979
Donald Byrd Birdhouse 2002
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Duke ElIington Money Jungle 1962
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Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis Big Band Trane Whistle 1961
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Eldar Eldar 2005
Eldar Re-imagination 2007
Eldar Virtue 2009
Eliane Elias Bossa Nova Stories 2009
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Elmo Hope Informal Jazz 1956
Eric Dolphy Out There 1960
Eric Dolphy Outward Bound 1960
Eric Dolphy Far Cry 1962
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Eric Dolphy Eric Dolphy in Europe, Vol. 3 1965
Eric Dolphy Here and There 1965
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Eric Dolphy Quintet, Booker Little Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, Vol. 2 1961
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Eric Dolphy, Charles Mingus Cornell 1964 2007
Eric Dolphy, Latin Jazz Quintet Caribe 1960
Eric Dolphy, Oliver Nelson Straight Ahead 1961
Esbjörn Svensson Trio When Everyone Has Gone 1993
Esbjörn Svensson Trio e.s.t. Live 1995
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Plays Monk 1996
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Winter In Venice 1997
Esbjörn Svensson Trio From Gagarin’s Point Of View 1999
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Good Morning Susie Soho 2000
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Somewhere Else Before 2001
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Strange Place For Snow 2002
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Seven Days Of Falling 2003
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Viaticum 2005
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Tuesday Wonderland 2006
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Live In Hamburg 2007
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Leucocyte 2008
Esbjörn Svensson Trio Retrospective – The Very Best Of e.s.t. 2009
Esperanza Spalding Junjo 2006
Esperanza Spalding Esperanza 2008
Esperanza Spalding Chamber Music Society 2010
Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society 2012
Fourplay Fourplay 1991
Fourplay Between the Sheets 1993
Fourplay An Evening of Fourplay 1994
Fourplay Elixir 1995
Fourplay The Best of Fourplay 1997
Fourplay 4 1998
Fourplay Yes, Please! 2000
Fourplay Heartfelt 2002
Fourplay Journey 2004
Fourplay Fourplay X 2006
Fourplay Live at San Javier Jazz Festival 2006
Fourplay Energy 2008
Fourplay Tokyo Jazz Festival 2008 2008
Fourplay Live in Capetown 2009
Fourplay Let’s Touch The Sky 2010
Frank Gambale Thunder From Down Under 1989
Frank Sinatra The Voice Of Frank Sinatra 1946
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Frank Sinatra Swing Easy! 1954
Frank Sinatra In The Wee Small Hours 1955
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Frank Sinatra This Is Sinatra! 1956
Frank Sinatra Close To You 1957
Frank Sinatra A Swingin’ Affair! 1957
Frank Sinatra Where Are You? 1957
Frank Sinatra Come Fly With Me 1958
Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely 1958
Frank Sinatra This Is Sinatra Volume Two 1958
Frank Sinatra Come Dance With Me! 1959
Frank Sinatra Look To Your Heart 1959
Frank Sinatra No One Cares 1959
Frank Sinatra Nice ‘N’ Easy 1960
Frank Sinatra All The Way 1961
Frank Sinatra Come Swing With Me 1961
Frank Sinatra I Remember Tommy 1961
Frank Sinatra Ring-A-Ding Ding! 1961
Frank Sinatra Sinatra’s Swingin’ Session!!! 1961
Frank Sinatra Swing Along With Me 1961
Frank Sinatra All Alone 1962
Frank Sinatra Point Of No Return 1962
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Frank Sinatra Sinatra And Swingin’ Brass 1962
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Frank Sinatra Sinatra Sings Great Songs From Great Britain 1962
Frank Sinatra Sinatra–Basie: An Historic Musical First 1962
Frank Sinatra The Concert Sinatra 1963
Frank Sinatra Sinatra’s Sinatra 1963
Frank Sinatra It Might As Well Be Swing 1964
Frank Sinatra Sinatra Sings Days Of Wine And Roses, Moon River, And Other Academy Award Winners 1964
Frank Sinatra Softly, As I Leave You 1964
Frank Sinatra My Kind Of Broadway 1965
Frank Sinatra September Of My Years 1965
Frank Sinatra Sinatra ’65: The Singer Today 1965
Frank Sinatra Moonlight Sinatra 1966
Frank Sinatra Strangers In The Night 1966
Frank Sinatra That’s Life 1966
Frank Sinatra Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim 1967
Frank Sinatra The World We Knew 1967
Frank Sinatra Cycles 1968
Frank Sinatra Francis A. & Edward K. 1968
Frank Sinatra A Man Alone 1969
Frank Sinatra My Way 1969
Frank Sinatra Watertown 1970
Frank Sinatra Sinatra & Company 1971
Frank Sinatra Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back 1973
Frank Sinatra Some Nice Things I’ve Missed 1974
Frank Sinatra Trilogy: Past Present Future 1980
Frank Sinatra She Shot Me Down 1981
Frank Sinatra L.A. Is My Lady 1984
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Frank Sinatra Duets 1993
Frank Sinatra Duets II 1994
Frank Sinatra The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings 1995
Frank Sinatra The Capitol Years 1954-1962 1998
Fred Hersch Leaves Of Grass 2005
Fred Hersch Plays Jobim 2009
G.E. Smith & The Saturday Night Live Band Get A Little 1992
Gary Burton Throb 1969
Gary Burton, Chick Corea Crystal Silence 1972
Gary Burton, Chick Corea Duet 1979
Gary Burton, Chick Corea In Concert: Zürich, October 28, 1979 1980
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Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Steve Swallow, Antonio Sanchez Quartet Live 2009
Gary Burton, Peter Erskine, Mitch Forman, Will Lee, Pat Metheny Reunion 1989
George Benson The New Boss Guitar Of George Benson 1964
George Benson It’s Uptown 1966
George Benson The George Benson Cookbook 1967
George Benson Giblet Gravy 1968
George Benson Shape Of Things To Come 1968
George Benson The Other Side Of Abbey Road 1969
George Benson Tell It Like It Is 1969
George Benson Beyond The Blue Horizon 1971
George Benson White Rabbit 1971
George Benson Body Talk 1973
George Benson Bad Benson 1974
George Benson Good King Bad 1975
George Benson Benson Burner 1976
George Benson Breezin’ 1976
George Benson In Concert-Carnegie Hall 1977
George Benson In Flight 1977
George Benson Weekend In L.A. 1978
George Benson Give Me The Night 1980
George Benson The George Benson Collection 1981
George Benson In Your Eyes 1983
George Benson I Got A Woman And Some Blues 1984
George Benson 20/20 1985
George Benson While The City Sleeps… 1986
George Benson Twice The Love 1988
George Benson Tenderly 1989
George Benson Big Boss Band 1990
George Benson Love Remembers 1993
George Benson Standing Together 1998
George Benson That’s Right 1998
George Benson Absolute Benson 2000
George Benson After Hours: Live At The Casa Caribe Club 2002
George Benson Irreplaceable 2003
George Benson Songs And Stories 2009
George Benson Guitar Man 2011
George Benson Inspiration – A Tribute To Nat King Cole 2013
George Benson, Al Jarreau Givin’ It Up 2006
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George Dalaras Latin 1987
George Dalaras The Running Roads 2001
George Howard A Home Far Away 1994
Gil Evans Project Centennial – Newly Discovered Works Of Gil Evans 2012
Go Go Live From Paris 1976
Grant Green His Majesty King Funk 1964
GRP All-Star Big Band GRP All-Star Big Band 1992
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Hank Mobley Hank 1957
Hank Mobley Hank Mobley 1957
Hank Mobley Hank Mobley And His All Stars 1957
Hank Mobley Hank Mobley Quintet 1957
Hank Mobley Hank Mobley With Donald Byrd And Lee Morgan 1957
Hank Mobley Soul Station 1960
Hank Mobley Roll Call 1961
Hank Mobley The Turnaround 1965
Hank Mobley Poppin’ 1980
Hank Mobley Curtain Call 1984
Hank Mobley Straight No Filter 1985
Hank Mobley The Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions 1998
Hank Mobley, Lee Morgan Peckin’ Time 1959
Harry Connick Jr. Eleven 1979
Harry Connick Jr. Harry Connick, Jr. 1987
Harry Connick Jr. 20 1988
Harry Connick Jr. Lofty’s Roach Souffle 1990
Harry Connick Jr. We Are in Love 1990
Harry Connick Jr. Blue Light, Red Light 1991
Harry Connick Jr. It Had To Be You 1991
Harry Connick Jr. 25 1992
Harry Connick Jr. Forever For Now 1993
Harry Connick Jr. France, I Wish You Love 1993
Harry Connick Jr. She 1994
Harry Connick Jr. Star Turtle 1996
Harry Connick Jr. To See You 1997
Harry Connick Jr. Come By Me 1999
Harry Connick Jr. 30 2001
Harry Connick Jr. Songs I Heard 2001
Harry Connick Jr. Other Hours: Connick On Piano, Volume 1 2003
Harry Connick Jr. Only You 2004
Harry Connick Jr. Occasion: Connick On Piano, Volume 2 2005
Harry Connick Jr. Chanson Du Vieux Carré: Connick On Piano, Volume 3 2007
Harry Connick Jr. Oh, My NOLA 2007
Harry Connick Jr. Your Songs 2009
Harry Connick Jr. In Concert On Broadway 2011
Harry Connick Jr. Every Man Should Know 2013
Harry Connick Jr. Smokey Mary 2013
Harry Edison, Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry The Trumpet Kings Meet Joe Turner 1974
Herb Alpert Rise 1979
Herb Alpert Midnight Sun 1992
Herbie Hancock Takin’ Off 1962
Herbie Hancock My Point of View 1963
Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles 1964
Herbie Hancock Inventions & Dimensions 1964
Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage 1965
Herbie Hancock Speak Like A Child 1968
Herbie Hancock Fat Albert Rotunda 1969
Herbie Hancock The Prisoner 1969
Herbie Hancock Mwandishi 1970
Herbie Hancock Crossings 1972
Herbie Hancock Head Hunters 1973
Herbie Hancock Sextant 1973
Herbie Hancock Dedication 1974
Herbie Hancock Thrust 1974
Herbie Hancock Flood 1975
Herbie Hancock Man-Child 1975
Herbie Hancock Secrets 1976
Herbie Hancock The Herbie Hancock Trio [1977] 1977
Herbie Hancock V.S.O.P. 1977
Herbie Hancock Sunlight 1978
Herbie Hancock Directstep 1979
Herbie Hancock Feets Don’t Fail Me Now 1979
Herbie Hancock The Piano 1979
Herbie Hancock Monster 1980
Herbie Hancock Mr. Hands 1980
Herbie Hancock Magic Windows 1981
Herbie Hancock The Herbie Hancock Trio [1982] 1982
Herbie Hancock Lite Me Up 1982
Herbie Hancock Quartet 1982
Herbie Hancock Future Shock 1983
Herbie Hancock Sound-System 1984
Herbie Hancock Perfect Machine 1988
Herbie Hancock Dis Is Da Drum 1994
Herbie Hancock The New Standard 1996
Herbie Hancock 1+1 1997
Herbie Hancock Gershwin’s World 1998
Herbie Hancock Cantaloupe Island 2000
Herbie Hancock Future 2 Future 2001
Herbie Hancock The Piano [Deluxe Edition] 2004
Herbie Hancock River – The Joni Letters 2007
Herbie Hancock The Imagine Project 2010
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Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius Live Voyage 1977
Herbie Hancock, Kimiko Kasai Butterfly 1979
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Hiroshima East 1989
Hiroshima Best Of Hiroshima 1994
Hiroshima L.A. 1994
Horace Silver 6 Pieces Of Silver 1956
Horace Silver The Stylings Of Silver 1957
Horace Silver Further Explorations 1958
Horace Silver Live At Newport ’58 1958
Horace Silver Blowin’ The Blues Away 1959
Horace Silver Finger Poppin’ 1959
Horace Silver Horace-Scope 1960
Horace Silver Doin’ The Thing – At The Village Gate 1961
Horace Silver The Tokyo Blues 1962
Horace Silver Silver’s Serenade 1963
Horace Silver Song For My Father 1964
Horace Silver The Cape Verdean Blues 1965
Horace Silver The Jody Grind 1966
Horace Silver Serenade To A Soul Sister 1968
Horace Silver You Gotta Take A Little Love 1969
Horace Silver In Pursuit Of The 27th Man 1972
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J.J. Johnson The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Volume 2 (RVG Edition) 1989
Jack DeJohnette Music We Are 2009
Jack DeJohnette, Bruce Hornsby, Christian McBride Camp Meeting 2007
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Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock The Cure 1991
Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock Tokyo ’96 1998
Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock Whisper Not 2000
Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock Inside Out 2001
Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock Always Let Me Go – Live In Tokyo 2002
Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock Up For It 2003
Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock The Out-Of-Towners 2004
Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock Setting Standards: New York Sessions 2007
Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock Yesterdays 2009
Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock Somewhere 2013
Jack McDuff Hot Barbecue 1965
Jaco Pastorius Jaco Pastorius 1976
Jaco Pastorius The Birthday Concert 1981
Jaco Pastorius Twins I & II – Live In Japan 1982 1999
Jaco Pastorius Punk Jazz: The Jaco Pastorius Anthology 2003
Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra Portrait In Seven Shades 2010
Jazz Messengers, Horace Silver Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers 1955
Jean-Luc Ponty Aurora 1975
Jean-Luc Ponty Upon The Wings Of Music 1975
Jean-Luc Ponty Imaginary Voyage 1976
Jean-Luc Ponty Enigmatic Ocean 1977
Jean-Luc Ponty Cosmic Messenger 1978
Jean-Luc Ponty A Taste For Passion 1979
Jean-Luc Ponty In Concert 2003
Jean-Luc Ponty The Acatama Experience 2007
Jelly Roll Morton Birth Of The Hot: The Classic Chicago “Red Hot Peppers” Sessions 1926-27 1926
Jelly Roll Morton Jelly Roll Morton, Vol. 2: The Red Hot Peppers (Chicago) 1992
Jim Hall, Pat Metheny Jim Hall & Pat Metheny 1999
Jimmy Smith Live At The Village Gate 1963
Jimmy Smith The Cat 1964
Jimmy Smith Further Adventures Of Jimmy And Wes 1966
Jimmy Smith Jazz Masters 29 1994
Jimmy Smith Damn! 1995
Joao Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Herbie Mann Herbie Mann & Joao Gilberto with Antonio Carlos Jobim 1965
Joe Sample Fancy Dance 1969
Joe Sample Rainbow Seeker 1978
Joe Sample Carmel 1979
Joe Sample Voices In The Rain 1980
Joe Sample The Hunter 1982
Joe Sample Roles 1983
Joe Sample Oasis 1985
Joe Sample Spellbound 1989
Joe Sample Ashes To Ashes 1990
Joe Sample Collection 1991
Joe Sample Invitation 1993
Joe Sample Old Places Old Faces 1996
Joe Sample Sample This 1997
Joe Sample The Best Of Joe Sample 1998
Joe Sample The Pecan Tree 2002
Joe Sample Soul Shadows 2004
Joe Sample, David T. Walker Swing Street Cafe 1981
Joe Sample, The Soul Committee Did You Feel That? 1994
John Coltrane Mating Call (Remastered) 1956
John Coltrane Blue Train 1957
John Coltrane Coltrane [1957] 1957
John Coltrane Soultrane 1958
John Coltrane Giant Steps 1960
John Coltrane Africa/Brass 1961
John Coltrane Coltrane Jazz 1961
John Coltrane Lush Life 1961
John Coltrane My Favorite Things 1961
John Coltrane Settin’ The Pace 1961
John Coltrane Coltrane [1962] 1962
John Coltrane Coltrane Plays The Blues 1962
John Coltrane Live At The Village Vanguard 1962
John Coltrane Olé Coltrane 1962
John Coltrane Ballads 1963
John Coltrane Dakar 1963
John Coltrane Impressions 1963
John Coltrane The Paris Concert 1963
John Coltrane Stardust 1963
John Coltrane The Believer 1964
John Coltrane Black Pearls 1964
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John Coltrane Coltrane’s Sound 1964
John Coltrane Crescent 1964
John Coltrane Standard Coltrane 1964
John Coltrane Bahia 1965
John Coltrane The John Coltrane Quartet Plays 1965
John Coltrane Kulu Sé Mama 1965
John Coltrane The Last Trane 1965
John Coltrane A Love Supreme 1965
John Coltrane Om 1965
John Coltrane Ascension 1966
John Coltrane Live At The Village Vanguard Again! 1966
John Coltrane Expression 1967
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John Coltrane Transition 1970
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John Coltrane Sun Ship 1971
John Coltrane Concert In Japan 1973
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John Coltrane A Love Supreme [Deluxe Edition] 2002
John Coltrane Live At The Half Note – One Down, One Up 2005
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John Coltrane Sun Ship – The Complete Session 2013
John Coltrane Offering: Live At Temple University 2014
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John Coltrane, Johnny Hartman John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman 1963
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John Coltrane, Milt Jackson Bags & Trane 1959
John Coltrane, Paul Quinichette Cattin’ With Coltrane And Quinichette 1959
John Coltrane, Red Garland John Coltrane With The Red Garland Trio 1958
John Coltrane, Red Garland Traneing In 1968
John Coltrane, Tadd Dameron Mating Call 1957
John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk At Carnegie Hall 2005
John Lewis John Lewis, Gunther Schuller, Jim Hall – Jazz Abstractions (Atlantic SD 1365) 1993
John McLaughlin, Jaco Pastorius, Tony Williams Trio Of Doom 2007
Joni Mitchell Shadows And Light 1980
Keith Jarrett Life Between The Exit Signs 1967
Keith Jarrett Restoration Ruin 1968
Keith Jarrett Somewhere Before 1969
Keith Jarrett Birth 1971
Keith Jarrett The Mourning Of A Star 1971
Keith Jarrett Expectations 1972
Keith Jarrett Facing You 1972
Keith Jarrett Fort Yawuh 1973
Keith Jarrett In The Light 1973
Keith Jarrett Solo Concerts: Bremen/Lausanne 1973
Keith Jarrett Back Hand 1974
Keith Jarrett Belonging 1974
Keith Jarrett Treasure Island 1974
Keith Jarrett Arbour Zena 1975
Keith Jarrett Death And The Flower 1975
Keith Jarrett El Juicio (The Judgement) 1975
Keith Jarrett The Köln Concert 1975
Keith Jarrett Luminessence – Music for String Orchestra and Saxophone 1975
Keith Jarrett Mysteries 1976
Keith Jarrett Shades 1976
Keith Jarrett Bop-Be 1977
Keith Jarrett Byablue 1977
Keith Jarrett The Survivors’ Suite 1977
Keith Jarrett My Song 1978
Keith Jarrett Staircase 1978
Keith Jarrett Sun Bear Concerts 1978
Keith Jarrett Eyes Of The Heart 1979
Keith Jarrett Hymns / Spheres 1979
Keith Jarrett Nude Ants 1979
Keith Jarrett Concerts 1981
Keith Jarrett Invocations / The Moth And The Flame 1981
Keith Jarrett Concerts: Bregenz, München 1982
Keith Jarrett Spirits 1985
Keith Jarrett Book Of Ways 1987
Keith Jarrett Dark Intervals 1988
Keith Jarrett Personal Mountains 1989
Keith Jarrett Paris Concert 1990
Keith Jarrett Vienna Concert 1992
Keith Jarrett At The Deer Head Inn 1993
Keith Jarrett Bye Bye Blackbird 1993
Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett At The Blue Note – The Complete Recordings 1995
Keith Jarrett Mysteries: The Impulse Years 1975-1977 1996
Keith Jarrett The Impulse Years 1973-1974 1997
Keith Jarrett La Scala 1997
Keith Jarrett The Melody At Night, With You 1999
Keith Jarrett Radiance 2005
Keith Jarrett The Carnegie Hall Concert 2006
Keith Jarrett Paris/London: Testament 2009
Keith Jarrett Rio 2011
Keith Jarrett Sleeper – Tokyo, April 16, 1979 2012
Keith Jarrett No End 2013
Keith Jarrett Creation 2015
Keith Jarrett A Multitude Of Angels 2016
Ken McIntyre with Eric Dolphy Looking Ahead 1960
Kenny Burrell, John Coltrane Kenny Burrell And John Coltrane 1963
Kenny Burrell, John Coltrane, Tommy Flanagan, Idrees Sulieman The Cats 1959
Kenny Garrett Pursuance: The Music Of John Coltrane 1996
Koop Sons Of Koop 1997
Koop Waltz For Koop 2001
Koop Koop Islands 2006
Koop Coup De Grace: 1997-2007 2010
Krzysztof Komeda The Complete Recordings Of Krzysztof Komeda, Vol. 1&2: Live In Copenhagen 1994
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Larry Coryell, Al Di Meola, Biréli Lagrene Super Guitar Trio & Friends 2005
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Lee Morgan Tom Cat 1964
Lee Morgan Cornbread 1965
Lee Morgan The Gigolo 1965
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Lee Morgan Standards 1967
Lee Morgan Caramba! 1968
Lee Morgan The Sixth Sense 1968
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Lee Ritenour First Course 1976
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Lee Ritenour The Captain’s Journey 1978
Lee Ritenour Friendship 1978
Lee Ritenour Feel The Night 1979
Lee Ritenour Rio 1979
Lee Ritenour Rit 1981
Lee Ritenour Rit/2 1982
Lee Ritenour On The Line 1983
Lee Ritenour Banded Together 1984
Lee Ritenour Harlequin 1985
Lee Ritenour Earth Run 1986
Lee Ritenour Portrait 1987
Lee Ritenour Festival 1988
Lee Ritenour Color Rit 1989
Lee Ritenour Stolen Moments 1990
Lee Ritenour Collection 1991
Lee Ritenour Joyride 1991
Lee Ritenour Wes Bound 1992
Lee Ritenour Larry & Lee 1995
Lee Ritenour Alive In L.A. 1997
Lee Ritenour This Is Love 1998
Lee Ritenour Two Worlds 2000
Lee Ritenour A Twist Of Marley 2001
Lee Ritenour Rit’s House 2002
Lee Ritenour The Best of Lee Ritenour 2003
Lee Ritenour A Twist Of Motown 2003
Lee Ritenour The Very Best Of Lee Ritenour 2003
Lee Ritenour Overtime 2005
Lee Ritenour World Of Brazil 2005
Lee Ritenour Smoke ‘N’ Mirrors 2006
Lee Ritenour Amparo 2008
Lee Ritenour 6 String Theory 2010
Lenny White Venusian Summer 1975
Leonid Agutin, Al Di Meola Cosmopolitan Life 2005
Les McCann Invitation To Openness 1971
Les McCann Layers 1973
Les McCann Another Beginning 1974
Lester Young The Complete Lester Young Studio Sessions on Verve 1999
LInda Ronstadt What’s New? 1983
LInda Ronstadt Lush Life 1984
LInda Ronstadt For Sentimental Reasons 1986
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Louis Armstrong The Complete Decca Studio Recordings Of Louis Armstrong And The All-Stars 1993
Louis Armstrong The Complete RCA Victor Recordings 1997
Louis Armstrong Hot Fives & Sevens 1999
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Louis Armstrong The Complete Collection
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Luis Bonfa, Stan Getz Jazz Samba Encore! 1963
Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls 1981
Mahavishnu Orchestra The Inner Mounting Flame 1971
Mahavishnu Orchestra Between Nothingness & Eternity 1973
Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire 1973
Mahavishnu Orchestra The Lost Trident Sessions 1973
Mahavishnu Orchestra Apocalypse 1974
Mahavishnu Orchestra Visions of the Emerald Beyond 1974
Mahavishnu Orchestra Inner Worlds 1975
Mal Waldron Mal/2 1957
Manuel Barrueco Nylon & Steel 2001
Mark O’Connor’s Hot Swing Trio Live In New York 2005
McCoy Tyner Inception 1963
McCoy Tyner Nights Of Ballads & Blues 1963
McCoy Tyner Reaching Fourth 1963
McCoy Tyner Today And Tomorrow 1963
McCoy Tyner Live At Newport 1964
McCoy Tyner McCoy Tyner Plays Ellington 1964
McCoy Tyner The Real McCoy 1967
McCoy Tyner Expansions 1968
McCoy Tyner Time For Tyner 1968
McCoy Tyner Extensions 1970
McCoy Tyner Echoes Of A Friend 1972
McCoy Tyner Enlightenment 1973
McCoy Tyner Song Of The New World 1973
McCoy Tyner Atlantis 1974
McCoy Tyner Fly With The Wind 1976
McCoy Tyner Focal Point (Remastered) 1976
McCoy Tyner Trident 1976
McCoy Tyner Supertrios 1977
McCoy Tyner Together 1978
McCoy Tyner 4×4 1980
McCoy Tyner 13th House 1981
McCoy Tyner La Leyenda de La Hora 1982
McCoy Tyner Dimensions 1983
McCoy Tyner It’s About Time 1985
McCoy Tyner Double Trios 1986
McCoy Tyner Bon Voyage 1987
McCoy Tyner Hip Toe – Live At The Musicians Exchange Cafe 1987 1988
McCoy Tyner Revelations 1989
McCoy Tyner Things Ain’t What They Used To Be 1989
McCoy Tyner Blue Bossa 1991
McCoy Tyner New York Reunion 1991
McCoy Tyner Remembering John 1991
McCoy Tyner Soliloquy 1992
McCoy Tyner Infinity 1995
McCoy Tyner What The World Needs Now – The Music Of Burt Bacharach 1996
McCoy Tyner McCoy Tyner & The Latin All-Stars 1999
McCoy Tyner Jazz Roots 2000
McCoy Tyner McCoy Tyner With Stanley Clarke And Al Foster 2000
McCoy Tyner Land Of Giants 2003
McCoy Tyner Counterpoints – Live In Tokyo 2004
McCoy Tyner Illuminations 2004
Michael Brecker, Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargrove Directions in Music – Celebrating Miles Davis & John Coltrane (Live At Massey Hall) 2002
Michael Bublé Michael Bublé 2003
Michael Bublé Come Fly With Me 2004
Michael Bublé Caught In The Act 2005
Michael Bublé It’s Time 2005
Michael Bublé With Love 2006
Michael Bublé Call Me Irresponsible 2007
Michael Bublé A Taste Of Bublé [EP] 2008
Michael Bublé Crazy Love 2009
Michael Bublé Michael Bublé Meets Madison Square Garden 2009
Michael Bublé Crazy Love – Hollywood Edition 2010
Michael Bublé To Be Loved 2013
Miles Davis The New Sounds 1951
Miles Davis Young Man With A Horn 1952
Miles Davis At Last! 1953
Miles Davis Blue Period 1953
Miles Davis Miles Davis Vol. 2 1953
Miles Davis Miles Davis All-Star Sextet 1954
Miles Davis Miles Davis Quartet 1954
Miles Davis Miles Davis Quintet 1954
Miles Davis Miles Davis Vol. 3 1954
Miles Davis Miles Davis With Sonny Rollins 1954
Miles Davis Blue Moods [1955] 1955
Miles Davis Miles Davis All Stars, Volume 1 1955
Miles Davis Miles Davis All Stars, Volume 2 1955
Miles Davis ‘Round About Midnight 1956
Miles Davis Blue Haze 1956
Miles Davis Collectors’ Items 1956
Miles Davis Conception 1956
Miles Davis Dig 1956
Miles Davis Miles Davis And Horns 1956
Miles Davis Miles: The New Miles Davis Quintet 1956
Miles Davis Musings Of Miles 1956
Miles Davis Bags’ Groove 1957
Miles Davis Birth Of The Cool 1957
Miles Davis Cookin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet 1957
Miles Davis Miles Ahead [mono] 1957
Miles Davis Miles Ahead [stereo] 1957
Miles Davis Walkin’ 1957
Miles Davis Ascenseur pour l’échafaud – Musique Originale Du Film De L. Malle 1958
Miles Davis Milestones [mono] 1958
Miles Davis Milestones [stereo] 1958
Miles Davis Relaxin’ With Miles 1958
Miles Davis Jazz Track 1959
Miles Davis Kind Of Blue [mono] 1959
Miles Davis Kind Of Blue [stereo] 1959
Miles Davis Miles Davis And The Modern Jazz Giants 1959
Miles Davis Porgy And Bess [mono] 1959
Miles Davis Porgy And Bess [stereo] 1959
Miles Davis Workin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet 1959
Miles Davis Sketches Of Spain [mono] 1960
Miles Davis Sketches Of Spain [stereo] 1960
Miles Davis In Person: Friday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco Volume I 1961
Miles Davis In Person: Saturday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco Volume II 1961
Miles Davis Someday My Prince Will Come [mono] 1961
Miles Davis Someday My Prince Will Come [stereo] 1961
Miles Davis Steamin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet 1961
Miles Davis Quiet Nights 1963
Miles Davis Seven Steps To Heaven 1963
Miles Davis Miles In Europe 1964
Miles Davis E.S.P. 1965
Miles Davis Miles In Berlin 1965
Miles Davis My Funny Valentine 1965
Miles Davis “Four” & More 1966
Miles Davis Miles Smiles 1967
Miles Davis Sorcerer 1967
Miles Davis Miles In The Sky 1968
Miles Davis Nefertiti 1968
Miles Davis Filles De Kilimanjaro 1969
Miles Davis In A Silent Way 1969
Miles Davis Miles In Tokyo 1969
Miles Davis Bitches Brew 1970
Miles Davis Miles Davis At Fillmore: Live At The Fillmore East 1970
Miles Davis Live-Evil 1971
Miles Davis A Tribute To Jack Johnson 1971
Miles Davis On The Corner 1972
Miles Davis Black Beauty: Miles Davis At Fillmore West 1973
Miles Davis Jazz At The Plaza, Volume 1 1973
Miles Davis Miles Davis In Concert 1973
Miles Davis 1958 Miles 1974
Miles Davis Big Fun 1974
Miles Davis Get Up With It 1974
Miles Davis Agharta 1975
Miles Davis Miles Davis In New York 1975 1975
Miles Davis Pangaea 1975
Miles Davis Water Babies 1976
Miles Davis Dark Magus 1977
Miles Davis Circle In The Round 1979
Miles Davis Directions 1981
Miles Davis The Man With The Horn 1981
Miles Davis We Want Miles 1981
Miles Davis Live At The Plugged Nickel 1982
Miles Davis Star People 1983
Miles Davis Decoy 1984
Miles Davis You’re Under Arrest 1985
Miles Davis Tutu 1986
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Miles Davis Music From Siesta 1987
Miles Davis Ascenseur pour l’échafaud – Complete Recordings 1988
Miles Davis Amandla 1989
Miles Davis Aura 1989
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Miles Davis The Hot Spot – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1990
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Miles Davis Dingo – Selections From The Motion Picture Soundtrack 1991
Miles Davis Doo-Bop 1991
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Miles Davis 1969 Miles: Festiva De Juan Pins 1993
Miles Davis Miles & Quincy Live At Montreux 1993
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Miles Davis What I Say, Volume 2 1994
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Miles Davis From His Last Concert In Avignon 1995
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Miles Davis Live At The Fillmore East (March 7, 1970): It’s About That Time 2001
Miles Davis Miles Davis At Newport 1958 2001
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Miles Davis Miles Davis Volume 2 2001
Miles Davis Young Miles 2001
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Miles Davis In Person Friday And Saturday Nights At The Blackhawk, Complete 2003
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Miles Davis Munich Concert 2005
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Miles Davis Broadcast Sessions 1958-59 2008
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Miles Davis Bitches Brew – 40th Anniversary 2010
Miles Davis Bitches Brew Live 2011
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Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk Miles & Monk At Newport [stereo] 1994
Milt Jackson Things Are Getting Better 1958
Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery Bags Meets Wes! 1962
Modern Jazz Quartet MJQ 1954
Modern Jazz Quartet Concorde 1955
Modern Jazz Quartet Fontessa 1956
Modern Jazz Quartet The Modern Jazz Quartet And Orchestra 1960
Modern Jazz Quartet Pyramid 1960
Modern Jazz Quartet Third Stream Music 1960
Modern Jazz Quartet Lonely Woman 1962
Modern Jazz Quartet The Sheriff 1964
Modern Jazz Quartet Blues On Bach 1974
Modern Jazz Quartet A 40th Anniversary Celebration 1992
Modern Jazz Quartet, Sonny Rollins Sonny Rollins With The Modern Jazz Quartet 1953
Modern Jazz Quartet, The Swingle Singers Place Vendôme 1965
Monterey Jazz Festival: 50th Anniversary All-Stars Monterey Jazz Festival: 50th Anniversary All-Stars 2007
Natalie Cole Take A Look 1993
Neil Yates Five Countries 2011
Nils Landgren, Joe Sample Creole Love Call 2005
Nina Simone Little Girl Blue 1957
Nina Simone The Amazing Nina Simone 1959
Nina Simone Nina Simone At Town Hall 1959
Nina Simone Nina Simone At Newport 1960
Nina Simone Forbidden Fruit 1961
Nina Simone Nina Simone At The Village Gate 1962
Nina Simone Nina Simone Sings Ellington! 1962
Nina Simone Broadway-Blues-Ballads 1964
Nina Simone Folksy Nina 1964
Nina Simone I Put A Spell On You 1965
Nina Simone Pastel Blues 1965
Nina Simone Let It All Out 1966
Nina Simone Nina With Strings 1966
Nina Simone Wild Is The Wind 1966
Nina Simone High Priestess Of Soul 1967
Nina Simone Nina Simone Sings The Blues 1967
Nina Simone Silk & Soul 1967
Nina Simone ‘Nuff Said! 1968
Nina Simone To Love Somebody 1969
Nina Simone Nina Simone And Piano! 1970
Nina Simone Here Comes The Sun 1971
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Nina Simone Baltimore 1978
Nina Simone Fodder On My Wings 1982
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Nina Simone The Blues 1991
Nina Simone A Single Woman 1993
Nina Simone At Newport, At The Village Gate, And Elsewhere 1998
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Norah Jones Come Away With Me 2002
Norah Jones Feels Like Home 2004
Norah Jones Not Too Late 2007
Norah Jones The Fall 2009
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Oliver Nelson Screamin’ the Blues 1963
Oregon Music of Another Present Era 1972
Oregon Distant Hills 1974
Oregon Winter Light 1974
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Ornette Coleman The Shape Of Jazz To Come 1960
Ornette Coleman The Art Of The Improvisers 1961
Ornette Coleman Free Jazz 1961
Ornette Coleman Ornette On Tenor 1961
Ornette Coleman Ornette! 1961
Ornette Coleman This Is Our Music 1961
Ornette Coleman To Whom Who Keeps a Records 1961
Ornette Coleman Twins 1962
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Ornette Coleman, Pat Metheny Song X [20th Anniversary Edition] 2005
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Pat Metheny Bright Size Life 1975
Pat Metheny Watercolors 1977
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Pat Metheny 80/81 1980
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Pat Metheny Works II 1991
Pat Metheny Secret Story 1992
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Pat Metheny What’s It All About 2011
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Pat Metheny Tap: John Zorn’s Book Of Angels, Vol. 20 2013
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Pat Metheny Group American Garage 1979
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Pat Metheny Group Travels 1983
Pat Metheny Group First Circle 1984
Pat Metheny Group Still Life (Talking) 1987
Pat Metheny Group Letter From Home 1989
Pat Metheny Group The Road To You 1993
Pat Metheny Group We Live Here 1995
Pat Metheny Group Quartet 1996
Pat Metheny Group Imaginary Day 1997
Pat Metheny Group Speaking Of Now 2002
Pat Metheny Group The Way Up 2005
Pat Metheny Trio Trio > Live 2000
Pat Metheny Trio Trio 99 > 00 2000
Pat Metheny Unity Band Unity Band 2012
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Paul Chambers Whims Of Chambers 1956
Paul Chambers Bass On Top 1957
Paul Chambers Paul Chambers Quintet 1957
Paul Chambers We Three 1958
Paul Chambers 1st Bassman 1961
Paul Chambers, John Coltrane High Step 1975
Paul McCartney Kisses On The Bottom 2012
Queen Latifah The Dana Owens Album 2004
Queen Latifah Trav’lin’ Light 2007
Quincy Jones Jazz ‘Round Midnight 1958
Quincy Jones Big Band Bossa Nova 1964
Quincy Jones Quincy Jones Explores The Music Of Henry Mancini 1964
Quincy Jones Quincy’s Got A Brand New Bag 1965
Quincy Jones I Heard That! 1969
Quincy Jones Smackwater Jack 1971
Quincy Jones You’ve Got It Bad Girl 1973
Quincy Jones Back On The Block 1989
Quincy Jones Q’s Jook Joint 1997
Quincy Jones Basie & Beyond 2001
Ramsey Lewis The ‘In’ Crowd 1965
Ramsey Lewis Wade In The Water 1965
Ramsey Lewis Goin’ Latin 1966
Ramsey Lewis The Piano Player 1972
Ramsey Lewis Ramsey Lewis’ Newly Recorded All-Time Non-Stop Golden Hits 1973
Ramsey Lewis Sun Goddess 1974
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Ramsey Lewis Ramsey 1979
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Ramsey Lewis Ivory Pyramid 1992
Ramsey Lewis Sky Islands 1993
Ramsey Lewis Between The Keys 1995
Ramsey Lewis The Greatest Hits 1997
Ramsey Lewis Appassionata 1999
Ramsey Lewis Time Flies 2004
Ramsey Lewis Songs From The Heart: Ramsey Plays Ramsey 2009
Randy Crawford, Joe Sample Feeling Good 2006
Randy Crawford, Joe Sample No Regrets 2008
Randy Crawford, Joe Sample Live 2012
Ray Charles The Great Ray Charles 1957
Ray Charles Ray Charles 1957
Ray Charles Ray Charles At Newport 1958
Ray Charles Yes Indeed! 1958
Ray Charles The Genius Of Ray Charles 1959
Ray Charles What’d I Say 1959
Ray Charles The Genius Hits The Road 1960
Ray Charles, Milt Jackson Soul Brothers 1958
Red Garland All Mornin’ Long 1958
Red Garland Soul Junction 1960
Red Garland High Pressure 1962
Return To Forever Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy 1973
Return To Forever Light As A Feather 1973
Return To Forever Where Have I Known You Before? 1974
Return To Forever No Mystery 1975
Return To Forever Romantic Warrior 1975
Return To Forever Musicmagic 1977
Return To Forever Live 1978
Return to Forever Returns (feat. Al Di Meola, Chick Corea, Lenny White and Stanley Clarke) 2009
Return to Forever The Mothership Returns (Live In Austin, TX/2011) 2012
Richard Cheese The Indiana Jones Theme – Single 2008
Robert Glasper Double Booked 2009
Robert Glasper Black Radio 2012
Robert Glasper Covered – The Robert Glasper Trio Recorded Live At Capitol Studios 2015
Robert Glasper Experiment Black Radio 2 2013
Ron Carter Where? 1961
Ron Carter Third Plane 1977
Ron Carter Dear Miles, 2006
Ron Carter Ron Carter’s Great Big Band 2011
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Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie Soul Mates 1966
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Sal Marquez One For Dewey 1992
Sarah Vaughan Hot Jazz [EP] 1953
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Sarah Vaughan In The Land Of Hi-Fi 1955
Sarah Vaughan Sarah Vaughan In Hi-Fi 1955
Sarah Vaughan At Mister Kelly’s 1957
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Sarah Vaughan Swingin’ Easy 1957
Sarah Vaughan No Count Sarah 1958
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Sarah Vaughan The Magic Of Sarah Vaughan 1959
Sarah Vaughan Vaughan And Violins 1959
Sarah Vaughan Close To You 1960
Sarah Vaughan After Hours 1961
Sarah Vaughan Sarah + 2 1962
Sarah Vaughan The Explosive Side Of Sarah Vaughan 1963
Sarah Vaughan Sarah Sings Soulfully 1963
Sarah Vaughan Sassy Swings The Tivoli 1963
Sarah Vaughan Sweet ‘N’ Sassy 1963
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Sarah Vaughan The Lonely Hours 1964
Sarah Vaughan !Viva! Vaughan 1965
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Sarah Vaughan Live In Japan 1973
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Sarah Vaughan I Love Brazil! 1977
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Sarah Vaughan Duke Ellington – Song Book Two 1980
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Sarah Vaughan It’s You Or No One 1993
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Sidney Bechet The Fabulous Sidney Bechet 1958
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Sonny Rollins Plus 4 1956
Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus 1956
Sonny Rollins Tenor Madness 1956
Sonny Rollins Work Time 1956
Sonny Rollins Rollins Plays for Bird 1957
Sonny Rollins Sonny Boy 1957
Sonny Rollins Tour de Force 1957
Sonny Rollins Oleo 1959
Sonny Rollins The Bridge 1962
Sonny Rollins Our Man In Jazz 1962
Sonny Rollins What’s New? 1962
Sonny Rollins Sonny Meets Hawk! 1963
Sonny Rollins Now’s The Time 1964
Sonny Rollins The Standard Sonny Rollins 1964
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Sonny Rollins The Complete RCA Victor Recordings 1997
Sonny Rollins Freedom Suite 1956-1958 1998
Sonny Rollins Without A Song: The 9/11 Concert 2001
Sonny Rollins Sonny, Please 2006
Spyro Gyra Spyro Gyra 1977
Spyro Gyra Morning Dance 1979
Spyro Gyra Carnaval 1980
Spyro Gyra Catching The Sun 1980
Spyro Gyra Freetime 1981
Spyro Gyra Incognito 1982
Spyro Gyra City Kids 1983
Spyro Gyra Access All Areas 1984
Spyro Gyra Alternating Currents 1985
Spyro Gyra Breakout 1986
Spyro Gyra Stories Without Words 1987
Spyro Gyra Rites Of Summer 1988
Spyro Gyra Point Of View 1989
Spyro Gyra Fast Forward 1990
Spyro Gyra Collection 1991
Spyro Gyra Three Wishes 1992
Spyro Gyra Dreams Beyond Control 1993
Spyro Gyra Love & Other Obsessions 1995
Spyro Gyra Heart Of The Night 1996
Spyro Gyra 20/20 1997
Spyro Gyra Spyro Gyra 1977-1987 1997
Spyro Gyra Road Scholars 1998
Spyro Gyra Got The Magic 1999
Spyro Gyra In Modern Times 2001
Spyro Gyra The Very Best Of Spyro Gyra 2002
Spyro Gyra Original Cinema 2003
Spyro Gyra The Deep End 2004
Spyro Gyra Wrapped In A Dream 2006
Spyro Gyra Good To Go-Go 2007
Spyro Gyra A Night Before Christmas 2008
Spyro Gyra Down The Wire 2009
Spyro Gyra A Foreign Affair 2011
Spyro Gyra The Rhinebeck Sessions 2013
Squirrel Nut Zippers Roasted Right [EP] 1993
Squirrel Nut Zippers The Inevitable 1995
Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot 1996
Squirrel Nut Zippers Sold Out [EP] 1997
Squirrel Nut Zippers Perennial Favorites 1998
Squirrel Nut Zippers Bedlam Ballroom 2000
Squirrel Nut Zippers The Best Of Squirrel Nut Zippers As Chronicled By Shorty Brown 2002
Squirrel Nut Zippers Lost At Sea 2009
Stan Getz Sweet Rain 1967
Stan Getz Captain Marvel 1974
Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie Diz And Getz 1955
Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Stitt For Musicians Only 1958
Stan Getz, João Gilberto Getz/Gilberto 1963
Stanley Clarke Stanley Clarke 1974
Stanley Clarke School Days 1976
Stanley Clarke Modern Man 1978
Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola, Jean-Luc Ponty The Rite Of Strings 1995
Stanley Clarke, Bireli Lagrène, Jean-Luc Ponty D-Stringz 2015
Stark Reality The Stark Reality Discover Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop 2003
Stephane Grappelli Verve Jazz Masters 11 1994
Steps Smokin’ In The Pit 1980
Steps Step By Step 1980
Steps Paradox 1981
Steps Ahead Steps Ahead 1983
Steps Ahead Modern Times 1984
Steps Ahead Live In Tokyo 1986
Steps Ahead Magnetic 1986
Steps Ahead N.Y.C. 1989
Steps Ahead Yin-Yang 1992
Steps Ahead Vibe 1995
Steps Ahead Holding Together 2002
Teddy Wilson, Lester Young Prez And Teddy 1956
Thad Jones After Hours 1957
The Bad Plus Motel 2000
The Bad Plus These Are The Vistas 2003
The Bad Plus Give 2004
The Bad Plus Prog 2007
The Bad Plus For All I Care 2008
The Bad Plus Never Stop (Deluxe Edition) 2010
The Blue Note 7 Mosaic: A Celebration Of Blue Note 2008
The Brian Setzer Orchestra The Dirty Boogie 1998
The Delta Rhythm Boys Vintage Vocal Jazz / Swing No. 118 – EP: Tom Dooley – EP 1959
The Delta Rhythm Boys Swingin’ Spirituals 1961
The Delta Rhythm Boys The Delta Rhythm Boys 1964
The Dixie Dregs The Great Spectacular 1975
The Dixie Dregs Free Fall 1977
The Dixie Dregs What If 1978
The Dixie Dregs Night Of The Living Dregs 1979
The Dixie Dregs Dregs Of The Earth 1980
The Dixie Dregs Unsung Heroes 1981
The Dixie Dregs Industry Standard 1982
The Dixie Dregs Bring ‘Em Back Alive 1992
The Dixie Dregs Full Circle 1994
The Dixie Dregs King Biscuit Flower Hour 1997
The Dixie Dregs California Screamin’ 2000
The Heath Brothers, Pat Metheny Move To The Groove 2001
The Jazz Crusaders Freedom Sound 1961
The Jazz Crusaders The Best of the Jazz Crusaders 1993
The Jazz Crusaders The Pacific Jazz Quintet Studio Sessions 2005
The New Tony Williams Lifetime Believe It 1975
The New Tony Williams Lifetime Million Dollar Legs 1976
The Prestige All-Stars Interplay For 2 Trumpets And 2 Tenors 1957
The Prestige All-Stars Wheelin’ & Dealin’ 1958
The Rippingtons Live In LA 1992
The Rippingtons Sahara 1994
The Stanley Clarke Band Up 2014
The Tony Williams Lifetime Emergency! 1969
Thelonious Monk Monk 1954
Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk And Sonny Rollins 1954
Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk Plays The Music Of Duke Ellington 1955
Thelonious Monk Genius Of Modern Music, Volume One 1956
Thelonious Monk Genius Of Modern Music, Volume Two 1956
Thelonious Monk The Unique Thelonious Monk 1956
Thelonious Monk Brilliant Corners 1957
Thelonious Monk Monk’s Music 1957
Thelonious Monk Mulligan Meets Monk 1957
Thelonious Monk Thelonious Himself 1957
Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk Trio 1957
Thelonious Monk Misterioso 1958
Thelonious Monk Thelonious In Action 1958
Thelonious Monk 5 By Monk By 5 1959
Thelonious Monk Thelonious Alone In San Francisco 1959
Thelonious Monk The Thelonious Monk Orchestra At Town Hall 1959
Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk At The Blackhawk 1960
Thelonious Monk Monk In France 1961
Thelonious Monk Monk’s Dream 1962
Thelonious Monk Criss-Cross 1963
Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk In Italy 1963
Thelonious Monk Solo Monk 1965
Thelonious Monk Straight, No Chaser 1967
Thelonious Monk Underground 1968
Thelonious Monk Blue Sphere 1971
Thelonious Monk Something In Blue 1971
Thelonious Monk The Man I Love 1973
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Thelonious Monk The Columbia Years: ’62-’68 2001
Tom Scott Night Creatures 1995
Tommy Igoe and the Birdland Big Band Eleven 2012
Tony Bennett, Bill Evans The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album 1975
Tony Bennett, Bill Evans Together Again 1977
Tony Bennett, Bill Evans The Complete Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Recordings 2009
Tord Gustavsen Trio The Ground 2004
Urs Leimgruber, Christy Doran, Bobby Burri & Fredy Studer OM – A Retrospective 2006
V.S.O.P. The Quintet 1977
V.S.O.P. Tempest In The Colosseum 1977
V.S.O.P. Live Under The Sky 1979
V.S.O.P. Five Stars 1983
Various Artists Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, McCoy Tyner 1976
Various Artists Electric Counterpoint 1989
Various Artists Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown! 1989
Various Artists GRP Gold Encore Series: A Jazz Romance 1994
Various Artists GRP Gold Encore Series: Jazz Live 1994
Various Artists The Blue Note Years 1998
Various Artists From Q With Love 1999
Various Artists Ken Burns Jazz — The Story Of America’s Music 2000
Various Artists A Night Out With Verve 2000
Various Artists Verve/Remixed 2002
Various Artists Pottery Barn – Dirty Martini 2003
Various Artists Rendezvous in New York 2003
Various Artists Rendezvous In New York 2003
Various Artists Verve/Remixed 2 2003
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Soul 2005
Various Artists Blue Note: The Ultimate Jazz Collection 2005
Various Artists Possibilities 2005
Various Artists Verve/Remixed 3 2005
Various Artists Verve/Unmixed 3 2005
Various Artists The House That Trane Built: The Best Of Impulse Records 2006
Various Artists Rhythms Del Mundo *Cuba* 2006
Various Artists Blue Note Plays Bossa Nova 2008
Various Artists Droppin’ Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab 2008
Various Artists Miles From India 2008
Various Artists Verve/Remixed 4 2008
Various Artists Kind Of Bloop 2009
Various Artists Music That Inspired Buena Vista Social Club 2009
Various Artists Disney Jazz, Vol. 1 – Everybody Wants To Be A Cat 2011
Various Artists Blue Note 75 2013
Various Artists Your Guide To The North Sea Jazz Festival 2013 2013
Various Artists Prestige 65th Anniversary Sampler 2014
Various Artists Jazz Noir 2015
Victor Wooten A Show Of Hands 1996
Victor Wooten Yin-Yang 1999
Vince Benedetti, Diana Krall Heartdrops 2003
Vince Guaraldi In Person (Remastered) 1963
Vince Guaraldi Jazz Impressions 1964
Vince Guaraldi Oh Good Grief 1968
Vince Guaraldi Vince Guaraldi and the Lost Cues from the Charlie Brown Television Specials 2006
Vince Guaraldi Vince Guaraldi and the Lost Cues, Vol. 2 2008
Vince Guaraldi The Definitive Vince Guaraldi 2009
Vince Guaraldi Trio Vince Guaraldi Trio (Remastered) 1956
Vince Guaraldi Trio A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing (Remastered) 1957
Vince Guaraldi Trio Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus (Limited Edition) 1962
Vince Guaraldi Trio A Boy Named Charlie Brown 1964
Wayne Shorter Wayning Moments 1962
Wayne Shorter Juju 1964
Wayne Shorter Night Dreamer 1964
Wayne Shorter The All Seeing Eye 1965
Wayne Shorter Speak No Evil 1965
Wayne Shorter Adam’s Apple 1966
Wayne Shorter Schizophrenia 1967
Wayne Shorter Super Nova 1969
Wayne Shorter Native Dancer 1974
Wayne Shorter The Soothsayer 1979
Wayne Shorter Et Cetera 1980
Wayne Shorter Atlantis 1985
Wayne Shorter Phantom Navigator 1986
Wayne Shorter Joy Ryder 1987
Wayne Shorter Footprints Live! 2001
Wayne Shorter Without a Net (Live) 2013
Weather Report Weather Report [1971] 1971
Weather Report I Sing The Body Electric 1972
Weather Report Live in Tokyo 1972
Weather Report Sweetnighter 1973
Weather Report Mysterious Traveller 1974
Weather Report Tale Spinnin’ 1975
Weather Report Black Market 1976
Weather Report Heavy Weather 1977
Weather Report Mr. Gone 1978
Weather Report 8:30 1979
Weather Report Night Passage 1980
Weather Report Weather Report [1982] 1982
Weather Report Procession 1983
Weather Report Domino Theory 1984
Weather Report Sportin’ Life 1985
Weather Report This Is This 1986
Weather Report Live And Unreleased 2002
Weather Report Forecast: Tomorrow 2006
Weather Report Weather Report Recordings Of Wayne Shorter Compositions 2011
Weather Report The Legendary Live Tapes: 1978-1981 2015
Wes Montgomery The Wes Montgomery Trio 1959
Wes Montgomery The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery 1960
Wes Montgomery Movin’ Along 1960
Wes Montgomery So Much Guitar 1961
Wes Montgomery The Complete Riverside Recordings 1992
William Albright The Complete Rags Of Scott Joplin 1990
Wynton Marsalis J Mood 1986
Wynton Marsalis Carnaval 1987
Wynton Marsalis Joe Cool’s Blues 1994
Wynton Marsalis Standard Time, Volume 5: The Midnight Blues 1998
Wynton Marsalis The Magic Hour 2004
Wynton Marsalis Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise And Fall Of Jack Johnson 2004
Wynton Marsalis Amongst the People: Live at the House of Tribes 2005
Wynton Marsalis From The Plantation To The Penitentiary 2006
Wynton Marsalis Two Men With The Blues 2008
Wynton Marsalis He And She 2009
Wynton Marsalis, Judith Lynn Stillman On The Twentieth Century… 1993
Wynton Marsalis, Richard Galliano From Billie Holiday To Edith Piaf: Live In Marciac (Live) 2010
Wynton Marsalis, Willie Nelson Two Men With The Blues 2008
Wynton Marsalis, Willie Nelson Here We Go Again 2011
Yellowjackets Yellowjackets 1981
Yellowjackets Mirage A Trois 1983
Yellowjackets Samurai Samba 1985
Yellowjackets Shades 1986
Yellowjackets Four Corners 1987
Yellowjackets Politics 1988
Yellowjackets The Spin 1989
Yellowjackets Greenhouse 1991
Yellowjackets Live Wires 1992
Yellowjackets Like A River 1993
Yellowjackets Run For Your Life 1994
Yellowjackets Collection 1995
Yellowjackets Dreamland 1995
Yellowjackets Blue Hats 1997
Yellowjackets Club Nocturne 1998
Yellowjackets Mint Jam 2002
Yellowjackets Time Squared 2003
Yellowjackets Altered State 2005
Yellowjackets Twenty Five 2006
Yellowjackets Lifecycle 2008
Yusef Lateef Eastern Sounds 1961