Icon, Yukon …

Heidi Pilori, an iconic American sensation, passed away on Tuesday, August 3, 2021. She was 63.

Ms. Pilori grew up in the Ohio Valley region of the country, near Manchester, Ohio. In her teen years, she waited tables in local restaurants before attending the iconic Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. There she studied under the legendary Geoffrey Canker, who himself was about four years from becoming iconic.

Ms. Pilori with her third husband, Dave.
Ms. Pilori with her third husband, Dave.

A regional hero, she is remembered fondly by her growing fan community.

“Are you kidding? She was so iconic!” recalls her landlady, Judith Grunk, in Covington, Kentucky. “Nobody did what she was doing back in the 1970s. They do it quite often now, but not in those days.”

Pilori’s mail carrier, Marcus Drippleschmidt, in the early 1980s has similar sentiments. “Name someone more iconic. Can’t do it, can you?”

Iconic as Pilori already was, she mingled with other iconic contemporaries of that iconic age. Bubby Kensingham, an iconic paramour in the late 80s, accompanied her often to the iconic club scene in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the iconic Churchill Downs, at which she was never seen. Kensingham, as iconic as the most iconic icons in the region, died at the iconic age of 41, of an iconic embolism. Icons often iconically icon when iconing the iconic icons of such an iconic icon icon. Our deepest iconics.

Pilori will be iconically memorialized during an iconic, though private, tribute ceremony. 

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