Ok, now …

So this is a fresh start for my page. The previous iteration wasn’t what I had envisioned when I began, and in fact, I don’t remember what I envisioned.

In any case, I’m beginning again some new ideas (for me anyway). I read or see or hear things that I like to share, but in the Pandemic Era of our history (and by our history, I mean humankind’s history—not merely the history of the country from which this is written) it’s more and more difficult to convey that in person. So naturally, those of you whom I don’t share air with physically get to be privy to this as well. If this isn’t what you want in your inbox when I click “post,” I understand if you wish to unsubscribe from this space. No hard feelings—don’t forget your phone charger, ’cause I’m not driving it out to you.

I also would like to showcase some of my art projects as I finish them. I don’t feel inclined to saturate this site with stuff I did years ago unless it’s relevant to something I’m blogging about in the present tense. My hope is to fill my portfolio here with current pieces I’m doing on a regular basis. Maybe I can rely on you guys to keep me honest in this regard. Above in the digital illustration menu, you’ll find the first item already displayed. The description will tell you about it, so I won’t self-indulge here.

Thanks for reading! See you again soon.

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